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I'm representing the rider in this segment, Geri is representing the horse. I have re-balanced my body by Grounding, Centering and Growing, similar to a classical half-halt given to a horse. The horse cannot dislodge my grounded position and take me for a motor boat ride round the arena!

I can now take my horse forward with softness, balance and clear intent. She does not question what Im asking her because our communication is not being hindered by tension, stiffness, resistance or lack of balance on my part.

We are now walking in connection and Im asking Gerri to turn left through the rotation of my body, and the use of my outside aids. She feels very little coming from the inside rein.

Here we are turning right but I have pulled on the inside rein and given her no support on the outside. I have lost her completely to the outside shoulder causing disconnection.

Snickers is enjoying some much needed ground work from Pam who is practicing the Cheek Press and Caterpillar exercises to help him release the tension he carries in his neck and jaw. He is know able to lift his base and withers and telescope his neck down and release his poll.

Shauna is about to start her riding lesson where she will be taking the groundwork she finished up with and applying it in the saddle.

Here Im representing the rider and Stacy representing the horse. I am Grounding, Centering and Growing which lengthens my spine and releases my shoulders and hips which gives me a sense of lightness. With my fingers under Stacys arms she feels my light expanded body and that Im giving her the gentle green light to move forward.

This photo shows that I have lost the length in my spine turning me into heavy "dead weight", causing the horse to brace and lose impulsion. This is an amazing exercise showing that what I do in my own body effects the horse in a big way.

Here Im re-balanced and light again encouraging the horse to move forward with the least amount of effort on my part. I become "live weight" which becomes much easier for the horse to carry me and my aids are effortless!

Snickers is getting some Shoulder Delineation work to help him release the base of his neck, lifting his base up along with his withers and back which then encourages him to telescope his head and neck forward and down.

Cindi & Demetrius an 18 year bond, raised from birth and bottle!

Cindi is putting the qualities she got out of Snickers on the ground together now on his back. Looks like the connected groundwork is paying off! 


Shown Below: Case study - 2 years connected ground work - before & after

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