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1) What you practice over and over you will perfect, whether what is practiced is correct or incorrect, it will become your habit, your pattern. We perfect what we do wrong perfectly.

2) Practice makes perfect not what you think you are practicing but what you are actually practicing. This is the best possible way to perfect your mistakes. Practice makes perfect exactly what you practice, therefore only perfect practice makes you perfect.

3) If you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got.

4) Balance is not being still or stagnant, it is being in constant motion, it is dynamic.

5) Being plugged-in is a feeling that your inner body, your muscles and skeleton are in motion while your outer body remains quiet.

6) Security comes from allowing yourself to be in synchronized motion. We need to learn to respond to situations with the intent to move whether than to stiffen.

7) When the core muscles strengthen, tone and engage, the extremities will lose their stiffness.

8) Being centered, balanced and connected means freeing up all the tensions that negatively effect motion and therefore balance.

9) Being rigid or stiff will always be your worst enemy, while motion will be your saving grace.

10) Donít wait for the wrong thing to happen, instead act to prevent it, inhibit the old, substitute it for the new. Prevention is far better than a cure.

11) There is learning when you lose it, just as there is learning when you gain it.

12) Closing your eyes allows you to go down into a deeper level of awareness, more of an inner reference and only through awareness can changes be made.

13) If you want something you have never had, you have to do something you have never done.


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