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Cindi began her professional teaching career shortly after returning from school in Europe in 1978. She studied at Crabbet Park Equestrian Academy in Sussex England and earned both her Instructors Certification and her Horsemastership Certification from the prestigious British Horse Society.

In 1986 Cindi began attending Centered Riding clinics taught by Sally Swift author of “Centered Riding” and “Centered Riding Further Exploration.” In 1997 Sally was awarded The Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Instructor’s Certification Program, in 2006 was inducted into the U.S. Dressage Federation Hall of Fame and in 2010 prior to her passing given a U.S. Equestrian Federation award for her outstanding contribution to the Equestrian Sport World.

From 1992-2011 Cindi was awarded both her level 1 and level 11 Centered Riding Instructor’s Certifications and 8 continuing education certifications from Centered Riding Inc.

In both 2009 and 2010 Leisure Equestrian received recognition from the United States Commerce Association.

Cindi’s riding experience involves 50 years. Combined total of 25 years of Dressage clinics, 28 years of Centered Riding clinics, 20 years showing experience and riding to the Prix St. Georges level.

In 2005 Cindi was re-united with her long time mentor Peggy Cummings, founder and author of Connected Riding and Connected Groundwork and a T.E.A.M. practioner. She continues working with Peggy today.

The classical European techniques of Balance Seat combined with Centered Riding techniques and Connected Riding go hand in hand as they give riders of all disciplines the tools to correct their body position through awareness and inner references. Only through these tools can changes be made. As riders become aligned and holding patterns, tension and resistance are released the body finds balance, softness and feel. A well grounded and connected body is the end result.

Centered Riding and Connected Riding bring the rider back from the many restrictive messages that are taught i.e. how to position, hold and carry our bodies in a way contrary to their natural way of moving. The work gives us back our ability to move and balance with no restriction, this allows the horse to take back his ability to carry himself the way nature intended. We can only pass onto the horse qualities that we already own. It also emphasizes how our mind effects our body, how our mind and body effect the horse and through this awareness our finest aid can come from one clear thought!

Balance is not being still. It is not stagnant. It is being in a constant state of motion, it is dynamic. Being tight, stiff or rigid will always be your worst enemy, while motion will be your saving grace!

The techniques applied in Connected Groundwork and T.E.A.M. ( Tellington Equine Awareness Method ) help horses progress from the patterns of bracing to releasing, from moving stiffly or mechanically to moving freely and rhythmically , from unyielding to softening and giving, from compressing to expanding. The end results are horses that are focused, quiet and confident.

Balance Seat, Centered Riding and Connected Riding for the rider and Connected Groundwork and T.E.A.M. techniques for the horse is definitely a “match made in heaven”



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